No refund on shipping fee.
No refund will be made on purchase of materials only.
Enrollment is valid for one year from your original date of purchase.
There are no extensions on expired courses.
No refunds on computer products – exchanges if defective.


(CE – Continuing Education Courses; BC – Broker’s College Courses; SM – Salesman’s Principles Course; IB – Internet Course.) Unused course materials may be returned within 10 working days of purchase for a full refund less a $25 processing fee per course. No refund can be made after the 10 days, or if the final exam has been requested. If course materials have been used or are not returned, a further deduction will be made. Refunds will be made in the same form as the original payment to RET. (Cash purchases will be refunded with a company check.)

LIVE CLASSES – Refund Policies
(Principles, NMLS)

1.Upon written cancellation of enrollment delivered to the school in person or by certified mail within 10 working days after purchasing, but before the scheduled classes have started, the student shall be refunded all monies paid less a processing fee of $25.00 per course. All materials must be returned in unused condition at students expense.

2.Once a scheduled class has started, you may withdraw from the course and receive a refund for the part of the course not taken. A registration fee of $100 will be retained by the school, and the balance of the amount paid will be prorated for the portion of the course not taken. Example: If a student paid $300 for a 15-hour course and withdrew after 5 hours, the refund would be calculated as follows: $300 less $100 registration fee leaves $200 for proration; 10/15 of course was not taken; 10/15 (or 2/3) of the $200 would be refunded (2/3 x $200 = $133 refunded).


A request for a refund of any workshop offered by RET, or through a third party, can only be honored before the start date of the workshop, minus a $25.00 per workshop processing fee.

LIVE CLASSES – Guarantee

Broker Crash Course – Attend as many times as you wish within one year from date of purchase. Within that one year enrollment, if you don’t pass the state exam after two attempts (providing you attended our class all day, both days, within one month before EACH state exam), send copies of both result notices and return your materials to RET, and your enrollment will be refunded. No refund on expired courses.

Salesperson Crash Course (Live & Webinar) – The guarantee applies only if you attend our class all day, both days, the weekend just prior to your state exam. You must submit to RET a copy of your result notice showing that you took the state exam within the week following your class. (You are not entitled to a refund if the crash course was included as a part of a package. Refund only applies is the Crash Course was purchased a la carte.)

Real Estate Trainers, Inc. is registered with the State of California. Registration means we have certified to the state that we have met the requirements imposed by the state for registered institutions. Registration does not mean that we have been evaluated or approved by the state, or that we have met the standards required by this state of institutions that are approved to operate, or that the state has verified the information submitted with our registration form. Any questions or problems concerning this school which have not been satisfactorily answered by the school should been directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, P.O. Box 980818, West Sacramento, California 95798-0818.