How do I get a California real estate salesperson's license?
If you want a California license, you will need to take an approved Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one more elective course. and pass the state examination. See License Requirements.

If you want a license in another state, you will need to contact the appropriate state agency in that state. It is usually the Real Estate Commission or Bureau of Real Estate for that state, but it may vary from one state to the next.

How do I get a California real estate broker's license?
If you want a California Real Estate Broker's License, you will need 8 college-level real estate courses plus either 2 years' full time real estate licensed sales experience or a 4 year college "Real Estate" degree. See State Requirements.

If you want a broker's license in any other state, contact the appropriate agency in that state. Usually this will be the Bureau of Real Estate, but it may vary from one state to the next. 

Applications needed for the State Exam?
Sales Application: RE400A $60.00 fee, mail in w/”copies” of 3 certificates of completion.
Sales Application $60.00 plus $245.00  fee for license: RE435 and RE435A
Broker Application: RE400B $95.00 fee mail in w/”copies” of 2-8 certificates of completion.
Broker Application $95.00 plus $300.00 fee for license: RE436 and RE436A
(Note: Allow 4-5 weeks to receive test date.)

What is the real estate test like?
The California salesperson's exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. It is a paper and pencil test, not on any computer system. The applicant is given 3¼ hours to complete the examination. A passing score is 70% or better, which works out to a minimum of 105 correct answers.

The California broker's exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. It too is a paper and pencil test, not on any computer system. The test is administered in two parts, 100 questions in the morning and another 100 questions in the afternoon. The applicant is given 2½ hours for each session, for a total of 5 hours. A passing score is 75% or better, which works out to 150 correct answers.

When either test is administered, the applicant is given a phone number to call 48 hours later to learn about their test results. Written confirmation is usually received within a week.

What if I have already taken a real estate principles course?
If you took a full-semester (or equivalent) Real Estate Principles Course in college, no matter how long ago, or a Real Estate Principles Course from a private vocational school in California after 1986, you still need to complete the Real Estate Practice and 1 elective course. Once all 3 courses are completed you are qualified to take the California state examination. Obtain an application for the state exam and include either a grade card, transcript, or certificate of completion as proof, and you will be issued a test date. You might consider purchasing the COMPUTRAINER program for practice tests and the Exam Review Course to prepare for the state exam. Applications for the state exam can be obtained from the Bureau of Real Estate at (916) 227-0931, from Real Estate Trainers at (800) 282-2352, or from the California Bureau of Real Estate Web Site

Is my certificate of completion still valid?
If you took an approved Real Estate Principles course from a private vocational school, your Certificate of Completion is still valid. If you took a full semester (or equivalent) Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and 1 elective Course in college at any time, your transcript or grade card will still be sufficient. 

What if I took my courses out-of-state?
If you took a full semester (or its equivalent) Real Estate Principles Course at an accredited college or university, it will probably be sufficient. If you took the courses at a private vocational school in another state, it may not be sufficient. In either case, the matter should be addressed to the California Bureau of Real Estate, as they are the only agency which can make the final determination. 

What does a license cost?
The first fee is to take the required examination. The salesperson's examination costs $60. The broker's examination costs $95.

If a person applies for a salesperson's license having taken the 3 courses, the fee for the license is $245 plus $56 for fingerprint processing, for a total of $301. 

The fee for the broker's license is $300 plus $56 for fingerprint processing, for a total of $356.

(California residents pay the fingerprint processing fee directly to the live fingerprint service provider. Non-residents pay this to the BRE.)

The salesperson's license can be renewed after its four-year term for $245. The broker's license can be renewed after its four-year term for $300. 

How long does it take to schedule my state test?
While there are no guarantees, most people find that they take their test about four to six weeks after they send in their application for the exam. If this is inconvenient, the application allows the person to specify a date after which the person wants to take the test. 

When will I find out if I passed my state test?
When you take your test, the Bureau of Real Estate will give you a phone number that you can call to obtain your test results 48 business hours after completing the test. You will then receive written notification of the results about a week after the exam. 

How often is the state test administered?
Ultimately, the test is offered as often as needed, depending upon demand. Both the broker's exam and the salesperson's exam are offered in Fresno, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The Salespersons exam is offered during the week, usually Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, occasionally on Wednesdays. There are morning and afternoon start times for the Salespersons exam. The Brokers exam is usually offered on Wednesdays. 

The admittance form the applicant receives which specifies the test date will also list the exact address and time of the test location.

How long is the license valid?
Both the salesperson's license and the broker's license are good for a four year term, and can be renewed for additional four year terms. There is a two-year grace period after the license expires during which the license can be renewed for an additional fee. After the grace period expires, the person will be required to retake the appropriate California state examination. 

Appraisal Questions: 

How do I get an appraisal license?
Applicants can apply for a Trainee License, Residential License, Certified Residential License, or Certified General License. There can be extensive education and experience requirements for each. See State Requirements. 

What is the California appraisal test like?
The test is a multiple choice examination, with 100 questions on the licensing and certified residential exams and 125 questions on the certified general exam. The test is administered on a computer, where the questions are answered by touching the appropriate spot on the screen. The passing score can vary, depending upon the degree of difficulty of the particular questions drawn for that day. The test is graded immediately upon completion of the test.

Each test will have 10 additional questions included, which are not graded and are used to develop statistics about those questions. You will not be told which questions are not included in the actual examination.

How long does it take to schedule a state test?
It depends upon which test the person is taking. A trainee who has completed the basic education requirements can probably be approved for the exam within a few weeks. A person who is upgrading their license to a higher level and needs to have his or her experience credits verified would probably face a longer time frame.

Once the person has been approved to take the test, the person is given a list of available locations and will probably be able to obtain an appointment to take the test within one or two weeks.

When will I find out if I passed my state test?
Since the appraisal exams are given on a computer, you will find out immediately after you complete the test. 

What does an appraisal license cost?
The first step for a new appraiser is to take the required basic education courses. Once these courses are completed, the applicant must submit an application for review, along with a review fee of $220. If the application is approved, the person will be permitted to schedule his or her state examination. The exam fee is $80. Once that is passed, there is an additional fee for the actual license. The fee for a trainee license, for instance, is $310, for a cost of $610 including all of the fees mentioned above.

Fees vary for upgrading from one level to another. One should contact the California Office of Real Estate Appraisals (the OREA) at (916) 263-0722 or at the OREA Web Site.

How long is the appraisal license valid? 
Appraisal licenses are valid for two years from their date of issuance. Continuing education requirements must be met every four years, except that beginning January of 2004, proof of meeting the USPAP course requirement must be supplied every two years, prior to expiration. 

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